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  1. Polarium

    Sharing of Product Information enables development of energy storage solutions at Polarium

  2. Outokumpu

    Needs-based control system at Outokumpu in Degerfors

  3. Realheart

    Realheart TAH - a "real" artificial heart

  4. Sentispec

    Danish success: Fully automatic fever screener ready in record time

  5. Vigab

    Digitalization journey starts at Vigab.

  6. Uddeholm

    Automation for sustainability and quality

  7. ABB Robotics

    Robot automation at ABB.

  8. Cellectricon

    Integrated software for pharmaceutical tests and go from product to service .

  9. Force Technology

    Making advanced industrial scanning work.

  10. Pilloxa AB

    Smart support for life-long medication

  11. Thin Film Electronics

    Boosting Up Production Volumes of EAS Capacitors

  12. Brüel & Kjær Vibro 

    Edge Computing creates value for BKV

  13. Göteborgs Spårvägar 

    Göteborgs Spårvägar digitalizing maintenance of light rail fleet

  14. Manufacturer of Industrial Products

    Improving Production Testing with a Modular Software Framework

  15. ILIAS Solutions 

    ILIAS Solutions take vehicle maintenance to the next level

  16. Implantica 

    Implantica launching new standard of care

  17. Measurelet 

    The Measuring Toilet

  18. QuickCool 

    Portable cooling system for saving lives

  19. ExSeed Health 

    Test sperm quality with your cell phone

  20. Arctic Systems 

    The Intelligent Rat Trap

  21. Robotize 

    Logistics for Smart Factories

  22. Maven Wireless 

    The Game Changer in Wireless Coverage

  23. Sol Voltaics 

    A Innovative Technology for Solar Cells

  24. Hounö 

    A Total Solution for Connected Products

  25. Cylock 

    Antitheft Bicycle Parking

  26. Uddeholm 

    Digitalizes Emergency Management Binders

  27. ASM Food 

    Tasteful Development

  28. GKN Driveline 

    Collaborative robot in serial production

  29. LYS Technologies 

    Next generation wearable brings light into your life

  30. Carlsberg 

    Ramlösa set for increased production

  31. ROMO Wind 

    New sensor system enables optimal performance for wind turbines

  32. Outokumpu 

    Camera system for digitalized process control

  33. Kontigo Care 

    Disruptive digital dependency treatment for increased quality of life

  34. Löfbergs' coffee-roasting plant 

    Cloud-based maintenance system

  35. Höganäs Bjuf

    Invests in automated plant


    Secure and innovative key box

  37. Human Care

    Connected medical technology improves healthcare

  38. Ambu

    When Technology Saves Lives

  39. FLIR Systems

    Thermal cameras – from idea to finished product

  40. Hövding

    Bike helmet of the future

  41. Hy5

    Hy5 for innovation of a prosthetic hand!

  42. Cermaq AS

    Cermaq Chose INFOR Enterprise Asset Management to Achieve Sustainable Production

  43. Sandvik Mining

    Sandvik Mining Investing in Automation

  44. Arla Foods

    Arla Building Europe´s Largest Dairy Plant for Cottage Cheese

  45. Hansen Protection

    Intelligent Survival Suits Even Safer

  46. Acarix

    Advanced Electronic Stehoscope Quickly Measures Heart Status

  47. ChromoGenics

    Control System for Smart Connected Windows

  48. Kontigo Care

    mHealth Product, Hard Goods for Soft Problems

  49. GKN Driveline

    Safe and Effective Logistics Solution for GKN´s Assembly

  50. Maxim Integrated

    Prevas & Maxim Triumph at the World´sTrade Fairs

  51. Statoil

    Improved Cost Control

  52. Clavia DMI

    Digital Musical Instrument Used by Superstars

  53. Valmet Hagfors

    Valmet Eliminates Bottleneck with Robot-controlled Heat Treatment

  54. Syvab

    More Effective Maintenance Saves Money for Syvab

  55. SwedPaper

    Maintenance System from Ipads

  56. Lofotprodukt

    Maintenance System that Safeguard Quality and Continued Growth

  57. European Southern Observatory 

    The World´s Largest Telescope

  58. ABB Force Measuring Products

    Flatter Strip Steel with ABB´s Stressometer

  59. OHB Sweden

    Specialist Knowledge is Absolutly Crucial to OHB Sweden

  60. Forsmark, Vattenfall Group


  61. Forsmark, Vattenfall Group

    Project Management, Laboratory Information Management System

  62. Hounö

    Tomorrow´s Ovens are Controlled by Cell-Phone Technology

  63. Lundin Norway AS

    More Effective Revenue Reporting for Lundin Norway

  64. HemoCue

    Bloody Seriousness in Cooperation with HemCue

  65. Findus

    Increased Production and Better Food on the Table

  66. Outokumpu

    Lower Energy Costs

  67. Hexagon Ragasco AS

    A Data Collection System that Keeps Track

  68. Dong Energy

    The Right Quantities, Right Transport, Right Costs

  69. Coca Cola

    Energy Monitoring Project that Saved Millions

  70. MacGregor Hydramarine AS

    Modern Control System for Deck Machinery and Cranes

  71. Orica Mining Services

    Traceability Systems to Orica Mining Services

  72. Miris Holdings

    Patent for Analysis of Milk

  73. Siemens

    Energy-efficient Gas Turbines

  74. Nobel Biocare

    Smart Labels Boost Nobel Biocare

  75. GDF Suez

    Prevas Mikon-system Gives GDF Suez Full Control

  76. Finspångs Tekniska Verk (FTV)

    Waste Heat from Paint Heats Finspång

  77. BK Medical

    Xilink FPGA´S Enable New Ways of Ultrasound Scanning

  78. ABB

    A Flexible and Digital Traceability System

  79. ABB

    Flexible Communication Module for Future Generations

  80. OKG

    Project Leader Information and Security

  81. Borregaard

    Borregaard Continues to Develop with Prevas Mikon 3.2

  82. Waters Coporation

    Future-safe Platform for Mass Spectrometry

  83. Volvo Aero

    HIL Systems for Engine Simulation

  84. SAAB Aerosystems

    Prevas Helps the Gripen Fighter Jet Fly

  85. Ovako Steel

    Fuel Savings of More Than 10 Percents

  86. Ocean Harvesting

    A Daring Project for Renewable Energy

  87. Norske Skog

    Highlights of Integrated Data Warehouse

  88. Medfield Diagnostics

    Helmet That Save Lives

  89. Interspiro

    Communikcation System for Fireman Teams

  90. ICA

    Valuable Knowledge for ICA

  91. GKN Driveline

    High Efficiency Production Methods

  92. Alere Technologies

    Winner of the Medical Design Excellence Award

  93. Electroengine

    Revolutionary Battery Technology

  94. Dentsply

    Label System for Shorter Lead Times

  95. Arla Foods

    The White Gold is Now Getting Closer 2 Nature

  96. Aerocrine

    A Long-term Cooperation for Better Treatment for Asthma Patients

  97. Tranter

    The Right Thing at the Right Place

  98. Zenicor

    ECG Test, Advanced Medical Instrument

  99. Kompan

    The Interactive Playground

  100. Westinghouse Electric

    Efficient Production