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We offer challenges in many different areas and you’ll be working with clients active in a multitude of widely differing sectors. This is why we can't describe a typical day at Prevas. Watch the videos and read the interviews with our employees to find out about their current assignments and why they chose Prevas.

ANNA NORDENFELT, lead consultant

Anna has a master’s degree in informatics from Linköping University.

She loves working with people from different parts of the world and has helped set up a new team at our office in Bangalore, India.

IDA LUNDIN, developer

“It’s easy to see that people at Prevas enjoy working together and like their jobs.”

What was behind your decision to choose Prevas? It was Prevas’ breadth in the manufacturing and processing industries that drew my interest. I felt that Prevas could give me opportunities for development and growth. Something I noticed almost immediately is that people here like working together and they enjoy their jobs. This was an important aspect for me.

What’s best about your job? That it’s both fun and creative. I love learning new things and that’s happening all the time. The projects and clients vary – it’s never boring.

JOHANNES BJÖRK, developer and electrical engineer

“The job is fun and entails considerable freedom and plenty of individual responsibility.”

What was behind your decision to choose Prevas? Prevas seemed to be an exciting company and when it was time for my university degree project, I applied at Prevas. That's what brought me here.

Working at Prevas means having fun on the job, being constantly challenged to develop your skills and having freedom but also responsibility.

JENNY ÅGREN, developer

“Best with my job is that it's very creative and varying.”

What are your main interests? My biggest interests on the job are solving problems and programming. I’m rather analytical by nature and what I like best is immersing myself in a problem or helping to produce solutions that improve or simplify something for a client.

MATS EURÉN, project manager, developer and technical sales support

“You get to participate in interesting and challenging assignments with people who are both smart and fun to work with.”

How would you describe Prevas as an employer? At Prevas the goal is to always work as a team and utilize everyone's individual strengths, and at the same time, encourage development where there are weaknesses. People listen to their colleagues’ opinions, suggestions and initiatives. There are regular social activities where we can meet and better get to know each other. Not only does this make work more stimulating, it's also an important aspect of feeling engaged in what the company is trying to accomplish.