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A unique product for easily diagnosing heart rhythm disturbances

Life Science Prevas Center of Excellence

Customer: Zenicor Medical Systems

Thumb-ECG can cut the number of stroke patients in half.

A disturbance in heart rhythm is usually noted when the heart beats harder or more irregularly than usual.  EKG measurements can be used to diagnose certain types of heart problems, such as atrial fibrillation and various kinds of brief or sustained attacks.

Built-in mobile phone for automatic data transfer (machine-to-machine solution, M2M)
Zenicor launched a new version of a handheld EKG device that was designed in cooperation with developers from Prevas. The device consists of, among others, a display, two measuring electrodes and a built-in GPRS modem. It is also very easy to use. Measurement begins when the patient puts his/her thumbs on the electrodes. Microvolt EKG signals are measured and stored in an internal memory and the measurement is transferred when the patient presses the unit's send button.

The unit is small enough to fit in a pocket, which means that the patient can take it with anywhere. The device fulfills the requirements set out in IEC 60601-1, a safety standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) specifically  for medical devices.

Prevas' contribution
"When we started developing the new generation of EKG devices with Prevas, it was important to develop the product within the constraints of our development budget, and according to our schedule," says Mats Palerius, CEO at Zenicor.

"We started with a pilot study, where we presented three questions to Prevas. The questions had to do with quality of the EKG signal, mobile coverage/antennas and whether the device could run on regular batteries. We waited until we had answers to those questions before moving on with the actual development work," continues Mats Palerius.


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