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Work Order and Scheduling Management

Work Order and Scheduling Management

Maintenance work order processes need to be defined and managed as integrated part of the production order, materials procurement and logistics processes. The production and the maintenance performance indicators should also be integrated to encourage management to cooperate totally towards common goals like; Safety, Productivity/OEE, Energy consumption, cost reduction, quality and environmental impact.

Prevas has the experience, the solutions and the products support state of the art maintenance work order management.

The maintenance system should be configurable to support a customer defined work flow. The work orders should be possible to structure in parent/child and project structures to make it possible to manage complex tasks and to aggregate costs for budget comparison. Safe work demands lock out tag out functionality with full trace of all transactions. The work order also carry all documents, comments, used materials and inspection information through the asset history.  

Preventive work is not only service work based on meters or calendar intervals – it can also be work managed in a cyclic process or inspections to define the actual condition before costly services are initiated. The Prevas solutions aims to move towards condition based maintenance through on line condition information or inspections. Another objective is to integrate the operators work into the work order process. Defined categories of alarms from automation and SCADA systems are integrated into EAM alert management, to initiate inspection work orders.

Scheduling and planning
Preventive work orders can be planned with estimate on number of hours and needed material. The material can then be purchased or picked from store room. In due time the work is assigned to a person or a group. It is essential that the maintenance plan is integrated into the production plan to ensure that a minimum of uptime is lost due to maintenance. Another strategy is to have work planned ready to be performed at an unplanned production stop. The EAM system is used to create a work order action list adapted to the length of the stop and not only presenting the work orders that have the needed material issued.

The Infor EAM system has all the tools to support efficient daily planning, monthly scheduling, project planning with the two way Microsoft Project integration tool as well as graphic preventive plan planning.


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