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Traceability System ABB
Traceability System ABB




Prevas developed a new traceability system for ABB to increase the quality for customers, and makes it easier for ABB to help prevent problems.

Assignment: Traceability system 

If a modern power grid is to function, among other things, transformer stations must be protected against overloads. This requires high voltage circuit breakers that can quickly cut the power if anything goes wrong. A current transformer somewhere in the grid senses whether something isn’t right. It sends a signal to a distribution board, which in turn sends a control signal to circuit breakers at other transformer stations.

A circuit breaker contains many different components. Prevas’ system is based on bar codes and keeps track of which stations the finished circuit breaker has passed and who has done what at each station during manufacture. Once all tasks are completed and the circuit breaker has been checked, it’s assigned a serial number that also provides the key to the information documenting how the circuit breaker was manufactured.

”Before, we were forced to turn to the archive to find information. Now we simply print it out. The process of following up which serial numbers may be affected by quality problems discovered after delivery is also quicker. Traceability increases the quality received by customers and helps us prevent problems,” says Mariusz Kapral production technician at ABB.

“Prevas’ quality assurance system has simplified information management in production and helps prevent problems for customers,” says Mariusz.

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