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Test, verification, quality & security

Efficient test and verification are important issues for success and Prevas addresses those issues with our processes and solutions. 

Our customers products are becoming more complex; electronics are introduced in all kinds of products from bearings to human implants. The electronics also add new possibilities, such as miniaturization and intelligence by embedded software. In the meantime, the market demands shorter time-to-market, a large variety of products, and higher quality.


National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner

Test and verification

Test is about information management – data collection, processing, validation, analysis and result – as well as ensuring that all activities are conducted within clearly defined frames.

Prevas provides expertise for product testing with embedded systems as well as several different test solutions, which enables us to develop effective test- and measurement systems for our customers.

With digitalization, we can now handle many future needs in a scalable manner. Digital systems provide instruction requirements and enables both follow-up and traceability, as well as data analysis.

Quality assurance

With new regulations and legislation, requirements for control and traceability are becoming more stringent in product development and production. This in combination with the security aspects for connected equipment is making work with quality increasingly complex.

Prevas’ skilled engineers have in-depth understanding of product development and production, as well as the link between the two, and we can provide expert knowledge of regulatory requirements and standards.


Every organization is unique, with its own needs and demands for establishing and maintaining a secure and efficient environment. We help our customers define, configure, implement and establish security for their connected products.

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