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Tech Trends, archive

Technical trends, inspiration and news from Prevas.


Below you can find older releases that are still interesting to read. The customer magazines are filled with technology trends, inspiration and reference projects where customers from many different industry segments talk about their challenges.

  • Specialist knowledge is absolutely crucial to OHB Sweden.
  • Test system to ABB for global benefit.
  • The world’s largest telescope, and Prevas provide parts for the research.
  • Coca Cola has improved its production process and saved millions.
  • An easy-to-use maintenance system that runs on iPads.
  • Sandvik's experience of an automation project. 10 best tips for introducing global automation.
  • Feel safe at home! With a closed radio system, neighbors alert each other.
  • Win with Re-use. Early debugging can speed up development work.
  • OE-lite Linux, reduces development and maintenance costs.
  • Arla’s new packaging requires less raw material and less energy.
  • Swedish Steel AB in Finspång puts waste heat into the municipality’s district heating network.
  • Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB gets power from PIMS
  • Ocean Harvesting gathers energy from the waves. With new technology and software from Prevas, wave power is becoming more economical.
  • With help from Prevas, Miris Holding has developed an instrument for analyzing milk.
  • Better interface and improved functions with Android in Prevas’ embedded system.
  • Traceability, is that the key to higher efficiency in industry?
  • Sensible labeling. Nobel Biocare uses Snitcher Medical for smarter labeling.
  • Controlled explosions. Orica Mining services uses smart technology from Prevas.
  • Bake bread with your cell phone. A baking oven with innovative technology and a unique interface. Meet the Hounö company.
  • New method for ultrasound scanning detects arteriosclerosis better and faster.
  • New EU directive. Open Scope will apply also to WEEE.
  • Keeping tabs on utilization improves flexibility at ICA
  • Investments in production logistics pay for themselves in less than 11/2 years
  • Control system for steelmaking
  • HMI solutions for MacGregor
  • ArvinMeritor improves assembly quality with help from Prevas
  • M2M for greater productivity in industry
  • Helmet that save lives
  • Simulators with AMOLED technology
  • Tum-ECG from Zenicor can cut the number of stroke patients in half
  • 25 Years of Large- and Small-scale Energy Conservation
  • TESS Keps Tabs on Thermocouples
  • Gas Bottles Made of Plastic, a Norwegian Ground-breaking Product
  • Better indoor environment with intelligent windows
  • New technology icon - the interactive playground - ICON
  • Lean Design - Think twice about regulations
  • The intelligent fish hook - your second pair of eyes under water
  • Effective productionsystem for SUVs
  • A super-computer to beat them all.
  • Green energy requires intelligent monitoring of medium voltage grid
  • Environmental monitoring from a 360-degree prespective
  • Strengthen competitiveness with "lean design"
  • The fork that keeps track of what you eat
  • Time-to-market calls for flexibility
  • Development platforms save time and money


With leading expertise in high-tech product development, embedded systems and industrial IT & Automation, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions and services that create growth.

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