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Sub-sea Solutions

Robust solutions for safe operations – utilizing new and existing power sources.

Whether it is exploration and controlling new power sources like wave- and tidal power, or exploring safer and new ways to operate subsea oilfields – Prevas has the knowledge and experience.

New and renewable energy sources like waves and tide are available to those that can control and manage the harsh elements and unpredictable weather conditions found in the power of nature. At the same time todays Subsea oilfield operations are seeking deeper and in colder environments than ever before.

This demands for new technological solutions with higher degrees of automation, monitoring and safety also with regards to the environmental aspect. Subsea solutions must be extremely robust and failsafe operating in very rough and harsh conditions and must be remotely operated and monitored with a high degree of safety and security.

The new oilfields to be operated farther north and in deeper water than ever before needs to be based on full  subsea and seabed operations and operated remotely based on electric power and electronic remote control systems.

Prevas has long experience in developing technology for these powerful and harsh conditions including:

  •  Pipeline inspection tools
  •  Subsea Electronic Modules
  •  Sensor and monitoring systems
  •  Subsea power systems
  •  Wave- and tidal power plants

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