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High level of technical expertise and innovative solutions

Our work is based on an in-depth understanding of our customers’ operations and business activities. Through continuous development – both of our own capabilities and those of our customers – we exploit advances in technology and digitalization. Working with our customers, we transform their needs and ideas into competitive strengths.

We have a passion for resolving technological challenges. With advanced expertise in product development, embedded systems, industrial IT and automation, Prevas provides solutions and consulting services that fulfill our customers’ needs – today and tomorrow.

Strategic platform

  • Prevas aims to be a leading player in its business areas, and focuses its efforts on "Centers of Excellence" where we aim to be a global leader. Genuine customer benefit can only be achieved by possessing in-depth understanding of the customer's business. Our Centers of Excellence give customers access to specialist project teams with specific domain expertise and technical platforms for profitable, turnkey solutions.
  • Prevas' know-how, resulting from our previously completed development projects, naturally benefits Prevas as well as all of our customers – which is why we package our solutions in a broad program consisting of complete building blocks and products. The wheel does not need to be reinvented, and we can offer our customers quicker and more effective development for a higher level of quality.
  • Using its strong partner relationships, Prevas can offer customers turnkey projects.
  • With its well-substantiated, world-class project implementation process, Prevas is the most competitive and secure option for customers when procuring projects. We measure delivery precision every time a project is completed, as well as how satisfied customers are with our performance. Our strong customer testimonials are evidence of our success.
  • Prevas aims to be an obvious development partner and system supplier for its customers. Synergies between Prevas' business areas enable a broader scope of deliveries. Reaching the customer at an early stage allows us to address market need for business development at a higher strategic level, and subsequently supply system solutions and products.
  • Prevas shall promote an innovative and sustainable society by sharing non-confidential knowledge from its R&D work by regular participation in seminars, conferences, publications and technical networks. This will help our customers, educate the public and promote collaborations between industry and academia. Prevas shall also encourage students to choose technical educations.
  • Our vibrant corporate culture is achieved by incorporating Prevas' core values into every context. At Prevas, colleagues encourage one another to be on the ball and continuously develop new skills. We all have a great interest in technology, enjoy our work and focus on customer satisfaction, which includes sharing our know-how and experience.


With leading expertise in high-tech product development, embedded systems and industrial IT & Automation, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions and services that create growth.

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