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SmartShoring project Prevas

SmartShoring projects implemented by Prevas

Utilizing offshoring, the typical long term cost reduction can be up to 40 percent.

Examples of Smartshoring projects

  • Implementation of a PCI Ethernet Controller functionality in a FPGA.  
  • Implement a Server that can receive data from an embedded system. The project was sold as an add-on to an existing project in Aarhus. Complete web application that can update parameters and software. The system can control several customers with several sites and assign users with different roles towards these sites. There is a dashboard for a quick glance of the status.
  • Prevas India was tasked with creating document extraction routines to extract data from office document. Filters that could extract the data was created according to requirements from Prevas´ product Mikon.
  • Develop 5 PCB boards in Altium Designer and 2 software's from requirement and design specifications jointly developed in Denmark and India.
  • PCB design with Prevas microprocessor platform HM20. Complete design with schematics, layout and editing. The board was also manufactured and assembled in India. Components were sourced from India as well.


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