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SmartShoring Prevas

SmartShoring, lower cost in projects with uninterrupted Prevas Quality

Smart flexibility for all types of projects. Let Prevas take care of the project when cost, interaction needs, and schedules are taken into consideration. SmartShoring places very small restrictions onto the size of the project, and none on the company utilizing it.

SmartShoring makes it easy to gain the benefits of the larger work pool in India, with reduced costs and extra flexibility as bonuses. Choose, together with Prevas, an interaction level of your local Prevas office ranging from small to large, depending on your comfort level and the type of project. Choose your SmartShoring visibility level from none to fully controlling your own team in India, the choice is yours. Prevas has setup Prevas India Pvt. Ltd. with it’s own staff, to make sure that Prevas can deliver according to Prevas' stringent quality demands.

Why Smartshoring?

Prevas' SmartShoring makes it possible for small and medium sized enterprises to immediately benefit from low cost development, without having to invest in the “learning curve" cost for the first projects. SmartShoring also removes the inconvenience of micro management, time-zones, and travel. Contacts, negotiations, project meetings, and support is done locally from a Prevas office near You.

Prevas SmartShoring can reduce the cost with up to 40 percent without initial investments.


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