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skill development

Learning and technical development

As a Prevas consultant, we want to ensure that you continue developing your skills. This is important to us, since we must always be able to meet our customers' needs. We also believe that it is fundamental to job satisfaction.

Everyone is different and how we develop depends on our prior experience and how we learn. We try to identify what motivates your own development. Much of your skill development will occur through day-to-day tasks, as well as your participation in various projects in different sectors. We strive to continually offer you challenges that are in line with your goals. We supplement the development that you obtain through daily tasks with both internal and external training sessions, seminars, conferences, informal gatherings, networking and reading material.

You meet with your manager to arrive at a development plan that is followed up on a regular basis. It is also possible for you to highlight your skills and preferred areas for development in our skills management tool, where we have collected all of our employees' competencies.

Our goal is to provide a workplace where the focus is on learning and technical development.

Our goal is to be a workplace exemplified by learning and technological development.



With us, the limits of your skills are tested every day.


You work with knowledgeable colleagues who are always ready to share their experiences.


We have an active workplace with plenty of opportunities for keeping fit.


We're trying to attract more women and achieve an even distribution between genders.


We offer attractive terms of employment and individual wage structures.


Walking through the door of your Prevas office is like coming home.

Prevas Student is a pool of university engineering students. Would you like to take a peek into the consulting profession?


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