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Service & Support

Service & Support

Operator training, analysis of operation and tuning of control systems.

Our CoE team consists of senior experts in furnace operation, project managers, control systems experts and software developers. We believe that in order to be successful in delivering supervisory control systems, a deep knowledge in basic furnace operation is required. The team also takes an active part in the trade associations Jernkontoret (Swedish Steel Producers´ Association) and Metallurgical Research Institute AB  (Swerea Mefos).

We offer training courses in furnace operation for production staff, on-site consultancy services with analysis of operation, energy utilization and productivity. Often we can recommend small adjustments in operation that will have a big effect on heating efficiency. We are also involved as advisory part or take on full project management in new investments or refurbishments of furnaces, burners or auxiliary equipment including changes in fuel type.

We can also offer 24/7 operation support. We make sure that your furnace operation is run in way that saves energy and increases productivity.


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