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Safety & Security Solutions

Where safety and security is your core business.

Protecting human life is among the most important things you can do. Many important application technologies can be used for this purpose. Surveillance systems, encrypted communication, sensors, GPS, positioning and protection equipment are some of the areas that Prevas has been active in.

Prevas has developed components and products for safety & security in industrial applications for over 28 years, including surveillance systems, defence systems, vehicle electronics, sensor technology, and automation products. The result is a solid pool of experience that includes many critical technologies such as cryptology and image & signal processing. Experience spans within development of products and practical usage of those products in customer projects.

Example of customers are
ABB, Assa Abloy, Autoliv, AXIS Communications, Conceptos IT, Flir, Hansen Security, Honeywell Life Safety, Saab (defense), Sectra, Thales and Verisure.

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Since the beginning in 1985, we’ve joined with our customers in solving tens of thousands of problems – and in most industries.

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