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Safe Work and Compliance

Safe Work and Compliance

Safety first

Asset management processes must be designed to guarantee the safety of operators, technicians and in many industries the customers and the inhabitants. The transportation industry, nuclear power generation and defense are examples. The environmental/emission aspects of production are often managed according to similar or same processes. The IT support must have traceability capabilities on field level and in some industries like healthcare also electronic signatures. Another important functionality connected to safety is the document management. Certificates, approvals and work permits, LOTO forms are examples of documents that need to be managed with versions and saved with transaction history.

Accidents and incidents are often managed in separate systems, but it is a good solution to report back incidents via the web based EAM system. Incidents will then be connected to the assets and can be analyzed and followed up.

Safe work – best practice

When a work order or work request is set to a risk type that requires a work permit, a work permit is automatically created. The work order category can be set manually or set automatically from the asset tag or location. The needed activities are added to the permit work order. These activities are performed and reported back – then all work orders connected to the permit are released. When all work orders are reported as performed – the permit work order status is changed again and the unlocking activities start. The flow is typically complemented with signed documents scanned and uploaded to the permit or a system electronic signature.


The EAM system is set up in a work flow that meets the demands of the regulation. It can be inspections or samples for analysis or renewal of certificates according to any set or rules. The work flow and the document management together with the full trace capability of the EAM system meet any compliance regulation in any industry.


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