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Robot Solutions

A complete supplier to robot-based automation solutions. 

Nordic industry is facing major challenges requiring that productivity be increased each year, which in turn means that internal and external processes must be improved. Automating production operations and making them more efficient are among the most important measures a company’s management team can take in meeting the challenges of today’s competitive market.


GKN Driveline in Köping/Sweden has completed one of the first installations of a collaborative robot in an assembly line. The new coworker is a dual-arm ABB YuMi robot and Prevas has helped with installation.

Prevas has delivered several robot solutions to GKN under a multi-year cooperative arrangement and was also entrusted with installtion of the YuMi. Read more

Prevas has also for exampel, designed, installed and commissioned a new automated flow, complete with machines, robots and control systems to Sandvik Mining. Read more

Example of more customers are: ABB, Scania, Tetra Pak och Volvo.


Prevas has substantial application know-how, and with leading-edge expertise in electronics, software and mechanical engineering, as well as robot programming, we can strengthen competitiveness and construct complete robot-based production units. These include both our own products and those of others, and the projects are always conducted by our consultants experienced in the field. We even take on smaller undertakings, such as sub-projects in mechanical engineering, design, programming and software, and we can be of assistance in modifying smaller existing stations.


During recent years the focus has been on providing programming and parent control systems. Now we also can supply the hardware – i.e. a robot and a complete installation with gripping units and peripheral equipment – and further develop the concept and mechanics to a customized application. This works well for our customers because Prevas handles all deliveries and assembly, in full accordance with the requirement specifications for the finished robot. We then reassemble it all at the end-customer’s site. Once we’re done, they have a completely new automation cell, ready to use.

A complete supplier to robot-based automation solutions, download document.PDF


Lars-Erik Forsberg

Lars-Erik Forsberg

Sales Manager


+46 21 360 19 80


With leading expertise in high-tech product development, embedded systems and industrial IT & Automation, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions and services that create growth.

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