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Redesign for Cost Reduction

Redesign for Cost Reduction

One of the most important, but sometimes forgotten tasks, are to work proactively with existing products from a cost perspective.

If you regularly review your design, while doing a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), you to obtain a good grasp of how your product harmonizes with today's components and cost drivers. If you also look at your product from a pure production perspective, you get a comprehensive analysis that usually leads to lower production costs.

Overall, you get a good basis for decisions on what to do with your product at the moment.

Prevas has a concept and exceptional experience in redesign for cost reduction. Prevas can quickly and effectively demonstrate improvements in your design and the parts that are relevant to increasing your margins. At the same time, you get a diagnosis that tells you which lifecycle status your components are in, if they are in an active status ore are becoming (or has already been) announced as Last Time Buy (LTB).

Life Cycle analysis is a really great oppotunity to get the current status of your product! Let us tell you more and show you a couple of concrete reference and business cases.


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