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Purchasing, Materials and Warranty Management

Purchasing, Materials and Warranty Management

Prevas offer development of purchasing and materials business processes adapted and optimized for the production and maintenance operation. The processes are supported by the Infor EAM suite and integrated with any company ERP system.

It is common to develop separate processes for the purchasing of spares and store room parts as well as for projects in connection to asset investments and rebuilds. The purchasing and the inventory control of spares and consumables must be totally integrated with the asset management system and the work management to guarantee minimum stock outs that can cause costly unplanned downtime and production loss. Also the purchasing of services in maintenance has unique requirements.

The assignment of work should follow the same work order process as internal work until the order is assigned to an external part – and while reporting back the supplier’s technician must report back into the EAM system just as any other internal resource. If not; the WO (Work Order) history of equipment is incomplete and the value of analysis are decreased significantly. Reports and pictures must be uploaded and so on. Prevas work with web based solutions that can be hosted and form the collaboration platform between customer and supplier.

Yet another difference between typical ERP purchasing solutions and a Prevas production solution is the user friendliness and efficiency from the end user perspective. Most ERP solutions demand trained super users – a Prevas solution is self-instructing and automates complicated tasks like issue and return of parts, search of spares connected to a specific machine, with store room quantity and location, supplier information for direct call and order in acute situations. All this from an iPad standing at the machine!

The Infor EAM solution can generate purchasing demand from work order, equipment or re-order quantity. The requisition management is efficient and is integrated in the work order management. The PO (Purchase Order) can be connected to storage, work order/project or to a cost account. Prices can be managed per order, article or order line. Goods receiving and invoice matching are other standard features.

The Infor EAM solution comes with multi storage capabilities and consignation inventory management. ABC (Activity Based Costing) and EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) analyses support the setting of optimal re order points and order quantities. The goods receipt, issue and return and stocktaking processes are supported in a full user rich functionality interface and in a light mobile interface for storage self-service use. Pick lists for PM WO materials preparation and alert management to inform WO responsible personnel about critical materials receipt – everything needed to support an extremely lean and efficient procurement and materials handling process.

Warranty and Claim process management

A critical functionality in connection to purchasing in the production and maintenance field – is the management of warranty and claims. Both component and systems warranty need to be managed for efficient cost control. The process starts in the procurement process when negotiating the T&Cs (Terms & Conditions) with the vendors. Replacement of a part is only part of the cost – the warranty WO time should be invoiced to the vendor according to the agreement. Prevas solution for these processes supports both the warranty identification and the whole process until the warranty work is invoiced to the supplier and the replacement part is installed or put in the warehouse at zero cost.

What to expect from the  Prevas solution for Purchasing, materials and warranty management

  • Reduce surplus inventories and reclaim capital from inventory investments.
  • Eliminate spot/maverick buying and buying parts and systems under guarantee.
  • Get a collaborative seamless web based IT solution in place that reduces purchase order costs, lead times  and increase production uptime.
  • Save on purchases by consolidating the vendor base.
  • Get a purchasing, stock and materials process that is integrated with the asset- work order management system to maximize uptime by reducing stock outs and purchase lead time.


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