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Pulp and Paper

Pulp & Paper

Today's paper manufacturers must deal with variable and general rising energy costs, rising costs for both virgin wood fiber and recycled paper and cardboard, a dynamic regulatory environment, and a drop in demand for many commodity paper products, all which put pressure on profitability. Key values for pulp and paper industry are therefore operational efficiency, energy cost management and regulatory compliance.

Prevas has long experience in helping the pulp and paper industry to improve these key values. Our experience in this industry ranges from automation through manufacturing execution solutions to information management solutions.

Prevas industrial IT portfolio for the pulp and paper industry covers functional areas such as EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), EMI (Enterprise Management Information), MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), Performance & OEE, Production Logistics and Automation.

Examples of services we offer are production development, project management and support and application operations.


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