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Project Management Office

Project Management Office

Many organizations experience that it is difficult to maintain quality, cost-control, and to meet planned time schedules in their projects. Of course, there are different factors in play for these problems.

At Prevas we have worked with thousands of different customers over the years, ranging from small and medium sized companies to multinational market-leaders. Some of the key success factors that we have identified while working with our clients, are to have a pro-active risk management in the projects and well-defined processes for planning, executing and follow-ups. All of this is of course something that a business-driven project manager focuses on, but in order to maintain best practice in every part of a large organization it is wise to build this into the organization.

At Prevas, we have formalized our collective knowledge of how to best plan, execute and follow-up a project, in a standard function that we call Project Management Office. Our Project Managment Office acts as a central support to review project plans and to help with risk-assessments throughout the project. Prevas’ Project Management Office is comprised by some of our most experienced project managers, and we see it as a cornerstone for our ability to deliver our projects on time.

Our track record is unrivalled – more than 9 out of 10 projects delivered on time!


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