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Products and Modules

Software – Viking Platform

The Viking platform is Prevas software platform for measurement and control system, designed according to open and modular guidelines. The Viking platform  is highly reconfigurable and not bound to a specific type of I/O, or a specific type of Graphical User Interface (GUI) layout, as this changes from project to project. When using the platform it´s possible to get a system up and running in very short time. The user can directly focus on the project specific parts (GUI, special I/O etc.) since the backbone for the system is already in place with add-ons for standard I/O and communication.
Viking SoftwarePDF

Hardware – Fault Insertion Signal Conditioning ( FISC)

Fault insertion is important then verifying Control Units. Misbehavior such as sensor brake down needs to be tested in order to ensure that the robot does not break anything or that the brakes of the car are still functional. Testing this type of misbehavior requires Fault Insertion.

Control units have a variety of different signals, analogue, digital, PWM in different voltage ranges.
Most of those signals can directly be connected to the computer I/O, however normally there are a few signals that needs to be modified in order to be fed to the I/O. In some cases loads are also required. Our FISC boards has digital signal conditioning and provides and a Piggy-back area for signal conditioning. 

We provide our FISC boards with a combined solution for both the Fault Insertion and Signal Conditioning combined into a FISC box.
Data sheet FISCPDF

The Exchangable Loadbox

The purpose of the Exchangable Loadbox is to offer a flexible solution for testing many different types of units.

The Exchangable Loadbox provides an adaption between the Control Unit and the test system and is easily replaced, making it possible to reconfigure the test system for another type of control unit within a minute. The Exchangable Loadbox contains the cross wiring and all customized loads required for the specific ECU.

The ECU can be placed in the Exchangable Loadbox, connected at the front or fitted on top using a fixture interface.
Exchangable LoadboxPDF


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