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Positioning & Navigation

Positioning & Navigation Solutions

To get quality assured control of different types of machines and devices, it is often necessary to obtain information about their position. GPS has now been used for a long time, but it can only be used outdoors and often the accuracy is not sufficient for the application. Monitoring of motion is also a very important parameter in machines and control systems.

Inertial navigation, dead reckoning, seismic, and sonar technology are, together with GPS technology, areas that Prevas has a deep knowledge in. Advanced signal processing, algorithms and filter technology, and keeping track of the very fast development for sensors, like gyros and accelerometers, ensure successful projects.

Many cutting-edge  technology projects has been delivered to our customers to be used in new innovative products and applications. Prevas has e.g. developed ultra-sound sonar systems, laser scanning systems, obstacle detection and navigation in robot vacuum cleaners, AIS (GP&C system for marine application), systems for positioning control for industrial tools, performance sensors for dampers in motorcycles and racing cars, positioning for mining equipment, positioning and navigation systems for military vehicles etc.

Example of customers are

ABB, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Hansen Protection, Saab, SSC, C2-SAT, and Öhlins Racing.


Maria Månsson

Maria Månsson

Director, innovation and research


+46 8 644 36 07

Magnus Edman

Business Unit Manager


+46 586 22 23 38


With leading expertise in high-tech product development, embedded systems and industrial IT & Automation, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions and services that create growth.

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