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Platform ESIP

The Platform ESIPs are really complete implementations, or rather they are integrations of one of the core ESIPs together with a range of common verified peripherals. The advantage of starting off your system development project with a Platform ESIP from Prevas is that you can kick off the concept phase on the ready available demo board and manually adapt custom interfaces. After the concept phase, you are not forced to scrap the concept model and start up with a new design as you would if you started up on a vendor evaluation kit. When using Prevas' platform ESIPs you have all design and implementation files available to continue your work.

The contents of an Platform ESIP package typically consists of:

  • Schematics
  • Layout
  • Simulation report
  • Bill of Materials (ex PCB)
  • Full documentation package
  • Bootloader (incl. mux setup, timing parameters and registers)

iMX53 Multimedia PlatformPDF, a custom developed system board, designed for high performance graphical applications with a broad range of IO's.


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Mikkel Ingstrup

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