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Performance and OEE Prevas

Performance & OEE

The ability to collect real-time production data in order to react quickly in case of inefficiencies and deviations is an increasingly decisive competitive advantage for our customers.

OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, is the most commonly used Key Performance Indicator within the area of performance measurement. OEE can be applied on a single machine, a production cell, a production line or a whole plant.

Prevas offers a wide range of services within the Performance & OEE area, such as helping out with OEE specifications (what to measure, how to measure), purchasing and implementation of appropriate system solutions and helping customers to use OEE as a means for continuous improvements.

Prevas has delivered a large number of Performance & OEE system solutions to customers in various industries. Today we see a Performance & OEE system solution as a natural first step on our customers’ “roadmap to MES”.

Performance & OEE addresses areas like

  • Excessive unplanned downtime
  • Low asset utilization
  • Unknown asset utilization
  • Scrapping

Key values

  • Manual and/or automatic registration and classification of  stops
  • Scrap registration
  • Calculation of OEE and other KPIs
  • Equipment and product effectiveness correlation
  • Comprehensive reporting


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