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OE-lite Linux Maintenance

Long Term Maintenance - OE-lite Linux

In order to facilitate maintenance and to allow a known cost of software platform maintenance, Prevas generalizes maintenance and testing processes on the basis of the large number of platforms handled by Prevas.

The generalization makes it possible to deliver long-term maintenance of customized embedded Linux platforms at a fixed price, including:

  • Fully updated software platform every 6 or 12 months for any product with a life span of 1 to 25 years
  • Fully tested deliveries
  • Bug Fixes
  • Back-end software developer support

Long-term software platform maintenance provides numerous advantages that a fixed platform version does not offer. The generally accepted benefits are:

  • Updated safety functions
  • Lower costs by adding new features
  • Reduction of error correction costs
  • Higher source code quality

For most customers trying to maintain an embedded Linux BSP, themselves, the result will be expensive and often problematic, as it takes much time to follow the work in the Linux environment and test all new versions of source code. It also happens that replacements in personnel staff with expertise in embedded Linux platforms is nedded, which typically adds spending on education, training, and introduction for the new person or the Linux BSPs involved.

For products with a lifetime of more than a few years, Prevas' OE-lite Linux maintenance is, in the long run, the economically and technologically wise choices.

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