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OE-lite Linux - Get Started

OE-Lite Linux Integration

Prevas offers two different levels of OE-lite Linux intergrations services, called BSP for Board Support Package.

Quick Start BSP:

OE-lite Linux Quick Start BSP project team will save a great amount of time in the early phase of a platform project and be ready for a more effective integration of hardware and software features when the project is running.

The purpose of a Quick Start BSP is to provide the following functions, within two to three weeks, to developers at any given project reference hardware:

A limited OE-lite based Linux BSP defined by Prevas including:

  • Minimized functionality selection
  • Easy to expand
  • Prepared for HW integration
  • toolchain

Educational and delivery Workshop on OE-lite Linux BSP with:

  • Hands-on training in OE-lite Linux development
  • Implementation on the hardware
  • Question and answer session

Quick Start BSP is delivered at a fixed price. DKK 75,000

Full BSP:

Unlike Quick Start BSP, a full BSP provided by Prevas in OE-lite requires no Linux platform work by the customer, all features, drivers, utilities, etc. will be integrated, tested and delivered with training from Prevas to the customer.

Because of Prevas' experience as a leading Linux BSP provider, a full BSP provided by Prevas is often better, cheaper, and easier to maintain than BSPs made ​​by a project team that rarely works with the integration of new Linux platforms.

Among some of the specialized features of a Prevas OE-lite Linux BSP are:

  • Fully custom tailored functionality selection
  • Boot-time optimization
  • Safe-update support
  • Appliance watchdog support
  • Continuous integration and testing during development

A full BSP is typically developed and integrated under a fixed price contract with an agile definition of the content, including a constant requirement alignment between Prevas and the customer's project team.

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