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Multi Hardware Support, DEIF

Multi Hardware Support, DEIF

Linux BSP for Wind Turbine Controller

DEIF provides Wind Turbine Controllers and components.

  • Brief: Specification, development, and testing of DEIF's longevity Linux BSP for Wind Power Controllers.
  • Solution: Prevas acted as an outsourced R&D department with responsibility for Linux BSP specification, development, and testing, and is continuously maintaining the delivered Linux BSP.
  • Benefit: Enhanced Linux BSP quality, full feature customization, and up-to-date Linux features.

Generalization of Linux BSP across markets

DEIF has one of the most comprehensive on the global marine market.

  • Brief: Generalization of DEIF's Wind Power Longevity Linux BSP to also support new hardware platforms within marine technology.
  • Solution: Prevas provided specialist counseling with responsibility for Linux BSP enhancement and generalization specification, development and testing.
  • Benefit: Enhanced Linux BSP hardware support, feature enhancements, and more efficient development with re-use.

Linux BSP for Power & Control Technology

DEIF offers the complete package within power control technology and diesel-driven generators – from simple switchboard instruments to advanced customised systems with power management.

  • Brief: Enhancement of DEIF's longevity Linux BSP with support for hardware for control of diesel-driven generators.
  • Solution: Prevas provided embedded Linux competences with responsibility for Linux BSP development and testing, and is continuously maintaining the delivered Linux BSP.
  • Benefit: Further re-use of existing Linux BSP on more hardware varieties and improved competitiveness.


Mads Dore Hansen

Mads Doré Hansen

Product Manager


+45 40 19 65 66

Søren W. Mathiasen

Søren W. Mathiasen

Vice President Sales & Marketing


+45 20 99 76 01


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