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Mikon OEE, Overall Equipment Efficiency

Increase your botton line

An industrial production line is complex. Do you know where to focus in order to increase your bottom line? Mikon OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) has the answer.

Overall Performance

Whether looking at a single piece of equipment or an entire factory, the overall performance is governed by three OEE factors: 

  • availability
  • performance rate
  • quality rate.

OEE - a percentage derived by multiplication of these three ratios is used for analysis and benchmarking. With Mikon OEE this analysis is done for you!

Optimal production

The starting point for OEE is always the production area which may provide the greatest return on asset. The challenge lies in identifying this. The in-built OEE formula in Mikon OEE shows how improvements in changeovers, quality, machine reliability, working through breaks and more affect the bottom line. Mikon OEE helps companies to focus on improving the performance of existing machinery and plant equipment, thus avoiding inappropriate purchases.

Mikon OEE


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