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Manufacturing Solutions Prevas

Manufacturing Solutions

Achieving improvement across all plants and integrating intelligence, from the shop floor to the top floor, are keys to manufacturing productivity. Prevas has a long experience of offering manufacturing solutions that help companies to improve productivity, quality, customer service and regulatory compliance.

Manufacturing Execution Systems, MES

MES are IT solutions that control the important production processes at a plant or across multiple plants. The MES services from Prevas help our manufacturing customers to bridge the gap between ERP and process control (automation). They allow you to establish common standards and best practice that result in minimizing cost, lead-times, WIP (work in progress) and inventory. Manufacturing Execution Systems, MES.

Enterprise Asset Management, EAM

To stay competitive today’s manufacturing enterprises must manage their assets wisely. For process manufacturers, capital assets and operational efficiency dictate economic return and determine the success of the company. For discrete manufacturers, asset reliability and availability are critical to productivity. Enterprise Asset Management, EAM.

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence, EMI

EMI from Prevas are software solutions that collect and present manufacturing-related data from a variety of sources in order to provide manufacturing decision makers with clear information about the organization's performance. And we mean decisions that are made in real time. EMI could be seen as BI for manufacturing. Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence, EMI.

Production Information Management Systems, PIMS

Prevas PIMS solutions are integrated process information systems, bridging the gap between process control systems and business systems for industrial companies. Produciton Information Management Systems, PIMS.


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With leading expertise in high-tech product development, embedded systems and industrial IT & Automation, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions and services that create growth.

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