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Manufacturing and Automotive


Regulatory compliance, reducing cost, and maintaining high-yield/quality are focus areas for the Manufacturing industry. In discrete manufacturing all of the above is also subject to continuous change, e.g. through annual product face-lifts, changing standards, emerging markets, and disruptive technology. The electronics industry is one example of continuous regulatory changes (e.g. RoHS and 2011/65/EU) with great impact, and hence product development needs. Examples of key values for Manufacturing are regulatory compliance, productivity, and workforce improvements.

Prevas is an experienced solutions provider in manufacturing, with more than 28 years of experience supporting our customers in both embedded system development and in test systems on the plant floor. During this time, Prevas has delivered solutions for production logistics, traceability, and production test rigs in a diverse range of industries; including, but not limited to, medical devices, machine and tool suppliers, and automotive.

Prevas offers services and product development solutions for the entire Manufacturing industry. The main functional areas, today, are services and solutions within product cost reduction, product face-lift, test system design, and regulatory consulting.


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With leading expertise in high-tech product development, embedded systems and industrial IT & Automation, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions and services that create growth.

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