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Life Science, product development of medical technology products

With 30 years of experience from projects and product development in life science, Prevas is a skilled partner in the development of medical technology products.

The life science industry is quickly developing and is becoming more sensitive to competition. It needs innovative, cost-effective products that make use of new and proven technology. Prevas has an excellent track record in developing prize winning instruments and medical technology equipment tailored for our customers. Moreover, Prevas’ office in Sundbyberg is ISO13485 certified.

Prevas Innovates for Life 
Prevas has more than 30 years of experience in balancing between using new and proven technology in efficiently creating innovative products. Moreover, Prevas understands the importance of having the right balance between investments in the development of assay, consumables and instrument/devices, and the usability of a single product or as a platform for products.

Prevas offers specialists or complete set of resources for development an idea into serial production product, which includes software, hardware, mechanics, quality assurance, project management resources. With our specialized teams, Prevas also offers turn-key development of medical devices and analytical instruments.

To be able to be on the technology edge, Prevas has a broad and elaborated specialist and partner network.

eHealth and mHealth

Mobile health is a rapidly growing industry within which Prevas is involved in several projects with our customers. These projects can, for example, involve various products and services that help consumers to make their own diagnoses. These services often involve connected instruments, analysis of user data and cloud storage. Digitalization provides the technical capabilities at a time where people are showing greater interest in monitoring their health themselves.

Quality assurance

With new regulations and legislation, requirements for control and traceability are becoming more stringent in product development and production. This in combination with the security aspects for connected equipment is making work with quality increasingly complex. Prevas’ skilled engineers have in-depth understanding of product development and production, as well as the link between the two, and we can provide expert knowledge of regulatory requirements and standards.

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Robert Tönhardt

Center of Excellence Manager Life Science

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Henrik Møller

President Prevas A/S

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