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Life Science

Life Science

As most industries, the Life Science field is constantly searching for more efficient ways and solutions to support our expectations as humans, which is to live longer but work less time. This results in a driving force for such things as more advanced automatic/autonomous systems and big data analysis, improved usability, distance diagnostics, and home healthcare.

The Life Science field is becoming more competitive, requiring innovative solutions; and, at the same time, usability, M2M, big system solutions and future compatibility are becoming increasingly more important.

Prevas’ focus in Life Science includes Biotech, Life Science - product solutions, and Pharmaceutical industry. Regulatory compliance, time to market, and innovative solutions are focus areas for the Life Science industry.

Prevas has more than 30 years of experience in Life Science development, both as a resource at customer sites and system deliveries. Prevas has developed Internet of Things; products based on Prevas’ OE-lite Linux distribution, which secures future compatibility; fine-tuned usability; and has worked with our long term customers on several life-science challenges. Furthermore, Prevas also delivers solutions for manufacturing of Life Science products.

Prevas has the quality system, SOPs, and development model for developing complete products for a worldwide market. Furthermore, Prevas’ portfolio contains building blocks that include several Prevas owned electronic cpu core designs, OE-lite Linux, FPGA IP Modules, and much more that, when applicable, can speed up the development.

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Robert Tönhardt

Robert Tönhardt

Center of Excellence Manager Life Science


+46 8 799 64 28

Nikolaj Hanson

Nikolaj Hanson

Business Development Manager


+45 22 70 83 25


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