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A scenario that is not uncommon in product development project is that the main focus have been to develop a working prototype in order to verify the product concept. But when it comes to putting the product on the market, different problems will surface. It may be difficult and expensive to manufacture the product because the design is not optimized for this. Or it can lack testability features, resulting in complicated testing or quality issues. If regulative compliance is not designed in during the development phase it can often be problematic to make the product compliant to CE marking and all the different directives, regulations, and standards that are applicable for the product. The end result is that market goals, like product price and delivery time, are not met, and profitability is eroded.

Prevas can guide throughout the whole product development project and ensure that the manufacturing and market requirements are continuously implemented.

  • We have extensive experience for DfX Design for Manufacturing, Design for Testability etc, and have cooperated with many different manufacturing subcontractors.
  • We can deliver test systems for validation and manufacturing tests.
  • We have competence in robust design to meet rough environmental requirements and high reliability demands.
  • We have deep knowledge of regulatory requirements for major markets, always updated on changes and recasts to be pro-active. And we know how to make a design that will be compliant to the legal demands.
  • We have well equipped lab facilities for e.g. pre-compliance testing of EMC.


Maria Månsson

Maria Månsson

Director, innovation and research


+46 8 644 36 07


With leading expertise in high-tech product development, embedded systems and industrial IT & Automation, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions and services that create growth.

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