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Functional Enhancements

Feature improvement and functional enhancement.

In today’s globalized economy, new products get available on the market at an ever increasing speed. Yesterday’s market leader in a certain product segment, find themselves loosing market shares from new competitors on the other side of the globe. The consumer electronics industry is a driving technology, especially in terms of mobility and user-friendliness. This technology gets adopted in professional and industrial grade products. The core technology in these products is usually good enough, but the users want more functionality and connectivity with modern devices, such as tablets and smart-phones.

Prevas has a good track record of helping customers with feature improvements and functional enhancements of already successful products and, thereby, securing future revenue streams.

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  • Pilloxa AB

    Smart support for life-long medication

  • Thin Film Electronics

    Boosting Up Production Volumes of EAS Capacitors

  • Brüel & Kjær Vibro 

    Edge Computing creates value for BKV

  • Manufacturer of Industrial Products

    Improving Production Testing with a Modular Software Framework

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