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Face-lift Projects

Improve revenue with a more attractive product.

Many of our customers have industrial or professional products with very long life cycles. The core technology is usually very robust, and there isn’t really any need to replace it with more modern technology. But, the customer’s sales organization runs into the problem that the product’s look-and-feel simply isn’t attractive enough. Revenue starts to drop, even though the product has superior price/performance. Today’s professional users, as everyone else, has gotten used to modern smart phones with superior user friendliness. Why should they be satisfied with anything less in a professional product that they use every day at work?

This is a common driver behind the need, when our customers commission us to do a face-lift project. The specification can be to improve mechanical housing, graphical user interface, or to attach functionality for connecting external devices such as tablets or smart-phones.

Tomorrow's ovens are controlled by cell-phone technology, is one example of reference project.

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