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Energy Consumption Management

Energy Consumption Management

The potential in monitoring assets energy consumption and to take immediate action, when a deviation from the base consumption level occurs, is very big and still not utilized by most companies. Traditionally the consumption has been measured in a plant on section level and often not recorded before the utility bill arrives. The basic approach to asset energy management is to measure the assets consumption at a lower level in the asset structure and to analyze this against a normalized consumption rate at a specific production, or against an outdoor temperature in the facility management case. 

The energy consumption itself is also an indication of asset condition. It can be a motor that needs to be renovated, a transportation line that needs new bearings or lubrication. Increase of energy consumption is a first indication that something is not right and action is needed. With Prevas energy management you get lower energy consumption and early alerts that reduce downtime and minimize risks for breakdowns.

When the EAM system identifies a deviation an alert is released and a work order is sent to the technician on duty. The inspection is reported back and a follow-up work order is created if any maintenance, replacements of parts or further actions need to be taken.

CO2 footprint

The Infor EAM energy management module also supports the management of CO2 distribution calculated from the utility bill information regarding type of energy purchased and then a breakdown of the CO2 distribution in the asset structure. A production line CO2 emission can be calculated and passed on to the manufacturing orders. Company objectives can be monitored and followed up.


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