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The defense industry serves the global market with world-leading products, solutions, and services. A focus area is to continuously improve, develop, and adapt new technology to meet customers’ changing needs under the regulation of special military standards.

Prevas has extensive experience as a key supplier to the defense industry. Knowledge in the military standards and a high quality awareness combined with a broad technical competence in embedded systems has made us a preferred supplier to our customers in this area.

Prevas offers solutions and services that helps the defense industry to improve their R&D productivity and implement new innovative technologies. We have experience in many areas such as marine systems, fighter control systems, helicopters, radar systems, UAV, Non-flying "display system", simulators, hull construction, acoustics, etc.

Due to Prevas’ experience in the defense segment, Prevas is for example selected to be one of Saab’s preferred suppliers, with a large number of engineers working in various projects within all of Saab´s business areas. Prevas’ skills, location, and experience meet Saab´s supplier requirement needs.

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  • ILIAS Solutions 

    ILIAS Solutions take vehicle maintenance to the next level

  • SAAB Aerosystems

    Prevas Helps the Gripen Fighter Jet Fly

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