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Support responsibility - your security

Prevas' customer support is an important part of Prevas that is much appreciated by its customers. 

The development time for new products, as well as product life cycles, are becoming shorter all the time. It is necessary to keep on the cutting edge of technology and be able to quickly produce and launch new products.

With Prevas Customer Support, safety of operation and the investment made by your company is secured from the very start. We take complete responsibility for the system installations and product development projects that we implement. This enables you to focus all of your energy on running your business.

Operational Reliability in Focus

What does a stoppage mean to a production-critical company? What are the consequences of a stoppage in a development-intense company in which time to market is the critical factor? These are two examples of questions we must answer when developing strongly customer-oriented support solutions for companies in various industries.

Support Agreement

You can choose between different levels of support depending on your accessibility needs. In an operation-critical environment with high accessibility requirements, we offer 24-hour support and preventative support.

Support contact

There is a download page for Prevas customers where you can download patches, manuals and applications for our products. Download pages are password protected. If you need this password, contact the support.

Except for GCM (where support times are laid out in the service agreement), customer support is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.





(Goods Certificate Manager)

+46 54-14 74 40

Industrial IT & Automation

+46 20-44 00 99

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