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Technical trends, inspiration and news from Prevas.

Tech Trends is Prevas' customer magazine and is published approximately 3 times per year. Click on the links below to read Tech Trends directly on the Web.

TechTrends 2 2017
  • Göteborgs Spårvägar digitalizing main-tenance of light rail fleet
  • Next generation of devices for condition monitoring of wind turbines
  • Military and off-road commercial vehicles experience the kind of strains and stresses that would quickly break a normal vehical. The big question is, when should maintenance be performed?

TechTrends 2 2017
  • Home fertility treatment
  • The measuring toilet
  • Portable cooling system for saving life
TechTrends 2 2017
  • Ovens that communicates, gathering data and offering services and products direct to the customers. A total solution for connected products.
  • It should be easy to understand what to do when an accident occurs!
  • Nanofibers capture solar energy!
  • The intelligent bicycle lock. Lock and unlock with an app.
TechTrends 2 2017
  • From idea, prototype to Production in record time!
  • Ramlösa set for increased production!
  • Collaborative robot in serial production
Tech Trends from Prevas
  • Smarter windpower
  • Disruptive digital dependency treatment for increased quality of life
  • Löfbergs’ maintenance journey towards increased operational reability
TechTrends 2 2017
  • Digitalization blazes the trail for development of smart products. Connected technology prevent injuries.
  • Secure key box that enables self-service exchange of keys around the clock.
  • New automated factory to Höganäs Bjuf.
TechTrends 1 2017
  • Advanced technology for saving lives. A realistic manikin for training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • World’s best bike helmet – how does it work? The goal was to create invisible protection for bike riders.
  • Technical development and digitalization in industry and society are creating new opportunities.

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