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OUR VALUEs define us


As the saying goes, there is no “I” in team. And no chain is stronger than its weakest link. Even though we have a high tech workplace, it’s the people who carry us forward. This is why we have a company culture based on a sense of fellowship and openness. We share our knowledge and we support one another. This is the foundation of our strong team spirit, and something we’re very proud of. We believe that having a strong team spirit also creates the best conditions for developing individual potential. This is why there is an “I” in united.

To describe our company culture, Prevas’ management team, along with hundreds of other employees, has developed four basic values that epitomize everything we do at the company. We see them as pieces of a puzzle that need to be put together to attain good contact with our clients, to ensure the success of our various projects and to bring out the full potential of our staff. We don't always interpret words quite the same, or fit the pieces of a puzzle together in exactly the same order, but what is most important is understanding what Prevas is now and what the company is striving to become. To achieve the best possible consensus regarding our basic values, we've come up with a little game that we play on various occasions.

Business Driven
Familiarity with clients' operations, considerable entrepreneurial spirit, the highest possible service level and commitment are what create Prevas’ cost-effective and profitable solutions.

Open Minded
Prevas develops innovative solutions and encourages creativity. Curiosity about new technology and solutions is an important aspect of everything we do. Our clients should see us as always receptive to their ideas and easy to work with.

Prevas' project implementation process is world-class. We take full responsibility for our projects, our duties and our skills development.

Team Spirit
People at Prevas are considerate to one another and share their expertise and experiences as a matter of course. This makes it easier to combine work with leisure and family life, but above all, it makes work more fun.