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Competences - we are constantly developing our skills

The digitalization revolution has opened new opportunities in virtually every aspect of life and we notice the effects every day. 

With solid experience and expertise in areas such as smart products and smart industries, we can help with developing new, innovative products and new system solutions for efficient production and service. We are highly skilled in the various applications and understand how the technology can be used in achieving optimal results. Below are examples of Prevas fields of competences and services.

Some of our competences, from A to Z

Electronics Design and Hardware Design

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

Industrial Cloud Solutions

Industrial Security

Lean Design

Mechanical Development

Production Development

Project Management, IT and Production

Project Management, smart products

Project Management Office

Quality & Compliance

Regulatory Requirements

Software Design

Solution Delivery, smart products

Support and Application Operations

Support and Maintenance

System Design

System Development for smart industries