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Battery and Power Management Solutions

Battery and Power Management Solutions

A modern product needs to be energy efficient. This statement is valid for a full range of devices – starting with small hand-held devices with low energy resources, such as solar panels and batteries; to large consumers, such as vehicles. This affects the product development regarding efficient power solutions, low consuming stand-by modes, and a careful handling of battery packages.

The diversity of completed projects at Prevas means that we have participated in the development of both the energy source handling, as well as the efficient usage of available power. For instance; the battery pack of a car needs specific treatment and exclusive algorithms in order to utilize the full capacity of the energy resource and to take care of the batteries active life cycle. On the other end, Prevas has developed very efficient hand held devices that can work a long time between charging.

There are also a number of regulatory requirements related to the end-products power cycles and efficiency that need to be addressed during the development.


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