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Asset and Materials Management

Asset and Materials Management

The production assets are organized in a multidimensional structure consisting of locations, positions, systems and assets. Inspection points can be added to the structure to define the point in which an inspection, a task or a meter reading takes place.  Each asset can also be tagged with class/category to connect assets in a matrix for analysis cross the three. The asset structure is built to meet the demands for management of maintenance and cost follow up. An asset structure should be smart and built to the needs – complexity itself does not add value. Prevas has extensive knowledge of best way to structure assets in different production operations. Asset criticality per asset, system or position is a valuable definition that is used in a number of functions in the system. A basic ABC rating is one option to a complete RCM analysis.

Spare parts and material – found fast
Spares are organized in lists connected to assets. Valuable information is the so called associated spare part list – the parts used in a previous work order on specific equipment. These two lists together with all other materials and items in stock or defined as direct purchasing item – is the materials that we need to identify – find in stock and or purchase – in seconds at a break down. A critical success factor in this is that the users can find this information on a mobile device or on a screen on the shop floor – by a few clicks. Another must is that the requisition and purchase order process is automated to eliminate any delay in administration resulting in downtime. Another must  is an organized and well managed store room. Prevas offer user friendly bar code scanning solutions for stock issue and return to eliminate administration and make it easier to maintain the data quality in the stock. User friendly mobile scanning devices are also recommended to make inventory rounds.

Prevas Infor EAM solutions are 100% web based and makes it possible for operators, engineers as well as external suppliers to access the information about assets and materials – to solve problems fast.

Prevas move the IT tools to the shop floor and empower users with on line access to information about the assets work order history, problem analysis spare part lists and documentation – pushing for world class in production and maintenance management.


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