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Advanced Control Systems

Advanced Control Systems

Accuracy in advanced control systems.

Control applications often have high demands on accuracy and reliability. Office applications in PC environments can easily be restarted by the user when an error occurs. This is not the case for a control system that is used in nuclear power plants, vehicles, and many other industrial applications. For example, a control system for a steel mill has very high demands for both speed, accuracy, and reliability. A restart of a steel mill line is very expensive!

Advanced Control Systems are mostly based on microprocessor solutions and have, nowadays often user interfaces based on technical solutions from PCs and Smartphones. Operating systems such as Android, Linux, and Windows are very popular but need added functionality to be used in critical environments. Prevas has the knowledge in all these areas and also years of experience in many application areas.

Example of customers are

ABB, Atlas Copco, Volvo Construction Equipment, Permobil, and Westinghouse Electric.


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