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The main challenge of the energy industry today is to supply electricity and heating for our ever-growing population, and at the same time reducing the environmental impact.

There is a need for constantly optimizing the energy production. There is also a need to develop new innovative methods to produce and distribute energy. New products has during the recent years been developed to produce energy from the sun, wind and sea waves.

The industrial energy consumers play also a central role here and facing the challenge in optimizing their production processes in order to reduce energy consumption per produced unit.

Prevas is active in many fields of energy production, energy management, and energy optimization.

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  • Polarium

    Sharing of Product Information enables development of energy storage solutions at Polarium

  • Brüel & Kjær Vibro 

    Edge Computing creates value for BKV

  • Sol Voltaics 

    A Innovative Technology for Solar Cells

  • ROMO Wind 

    New sensor system enables optimal performance for wind turbines

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