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Production Development

Production Development

As industrial competitiveness increases globally, and as customers demand ever shorter delivery times and more product variations, the need for continuous production streamlining increases. The demand for a return by shareholders puts the focus on capital tied up and on getting more from existing production facilities. Similarly, this also advances the need to continually work on efficiency with regard to capital utilisation and process efficiencies.

For many years, Prevas has been working to improve the efficiency of its customers' production facilities. With experience from multiple industries, Prevas can guarantee competitive solutions.

Prevas works, for example, with value flow analyses, lead time and set-up time reduction, logistics optimisation, inventory turnover rates and quality assurance. We always adopt a lean approach, with models such as Six Sigma and 5S.

We work according to proven models that ensure an efficient and structured approach with realistic improvement proposals as a result. Naturally, we are also usually involved in executing the improvement initiatives decided upon.

Our Center of Excellence for Production Development offers services that effectively highlight your production and proposes clear improvement initiatives that improve your profitability and competitiveness.


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