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Proven partner to Freescale

Freescale, Partner

Prevas is selected as a Proven partner to Freescale in supporting the Nordic and European area with embedded systems based on the i.MX family of advanced single and multicore processors chips. The i.MX platform is optimized for multimedia, display, and industrial applications and brings interactivity to a whole new world of products.

The universal platform for multimedia and display applications, Freescale i.MX processors, delivers an optimal balance of power, performance, and integration to enable next-generation smart devices. i.MX solutions are powering applications across a rapidly growing number of different markets, such as automotive, industrial, and consumer markets.  

Prevas is already, today, working with a broad range of the Freescale i.MX series. For example, Prevas has, with this technology, helped Miris Holding develop an instrument for analysis of liquids, such as cow, buffalo, and breast milk. The solution won the Swedish Embedded Award 2012.  

“Prevas has been selected as a Freescale partner because of their broad experience in industrial electronics and their focus on quality and competence in software and hardware design. In addition, Prevas´ proven OE-lite Linux technology is ideal for a broad range of i.MX processors," said Rajeev Kumar, i.MX product manager with Freescale.  

Prevas has developed and delivered a vast amount of OE-lite Linux platforms on customer specific hardware. Regardless of platform choices, the applications design, today, must consider low power consumption in combination with reduced design complexity, cost, and time to market.

Android systems for graphical user interfaces are one of the hot topics in the industry. Prevas has designed the complete platform for a professional bakery oven including hardware, software integration and user app´s.  

“To provide the best and most innovative and competitive platforms to our customers, Prevas is dependent on close collaboration with the semiconductor market leaders. We are, therefore, very excited about the partnership with Freescale," says Jonas Mann Business Area manager at Prevas.


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