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Customer magazines, Tech Trends

Technical trends, inspiration and news from Prevas.


Tech Trends is Prevas' customer magazine and is published approximately 3 times per year.
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TechTrends 1 2017
  • Advanced technology for saving lives. A realistic manikin for training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • World’s best bike helmet – how does it work? The goal was to create invisible protection for bike riders.
  • Technical development and digitalization in industry and society are creating new opportunities.
TechTrends 2 2015
  • Cermaq chose Infor Enterprise Asset Management to achieve sustainable production.
  • New EMC-lab with a semi-anechoic chamber for measurements at a distance of three meters.
  • "High Five" for innovation of a new prosthetic hand! Hy5 develops a unique prostheses with grip possibilities.
TechTrends 2 2015
  • Sandvik Mining investing in automation. Prevas delivers.
  • Arla is building Europe's largest dairy for cottage cheese.
  • Orkla's factories are being interconnected with an ultra-modern follow-up solution for production.
TechTrends 2 2015
  • Smart connected windows that can increase comfort and reduce cooling needs.
  • Intelligent survival suits even safer.
  • Advanced electronic stethoscope quickly measures heart status.
TechTrends 1 2015
  • Automation for stronger competiveness. Delivery precision and productivity are key factors.
  • Modern maintenance with iPads and RFID saves money for Syvab.
  • Internet of Things and what it means for you.


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